“Dad had feelings of helplessness. He hated not making life’s more simple decisions — like what to eat and when. As he talked about relying on Mom for medication, he began to cry. He felt it was unfair to wake her — but the pain was so intense. To ease the pain, they had already decided to sleep in separate beds, which he felt made things worse. He believed it was even more inconvenient for Mom to care for him. It’s easy to see how frustration can build.

Learning from the hospice team that he needed that sense of control was huge. While there were still some unpleasant episodes, he was beginning to show more positive emotions.

With every decision Dad made, whether it was about bathing, dressing or who visited and when, the anger and frustration eased. Mom said some of the most intimate conversations of their 32-year marriage occurred in the middle of the night when he asked for medication. She said they would lay there, her hugging him, and relive memories, share a few tears and from time to time laugh.

Near the end, she slept by his side each night.”

–  Dawn
Grateful daughter of Bill, who was eased in his last days with hospice care.

Compassionate hospice care.

Hospice is about hope — the hope that every chapter of life, even its final stages, can be lived well. It’s also about empowerment — empowering patients and their loved ones with choices and a sense of control with each day and every decision.

Chapters Health provides a continuum of hospice care through our well-respected, non-profit hospice organizations: LifePath Hospice (licensed since 1983 to serve in Hillsborough County), Good Shepherd Hospice (licensed since 1984 to serve in Hardee, Highlands and Polk counties) and HPH Hospice (licensed since 1984 to serve in Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties).

Making you comfortable, in the comfort of home.

Hospice care focuses on pain control and symptom management, allowing individuals facing life-limiting illnesses to die as they lived their lives — in comfort, at peace and in control of their care and surroundings.

Hospice care is primarily provided in the home — whether “home” is a person’s house or a long-term care facility, a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Because, at home, patients are surrounded by the loving support of their family and friends.

A continuum of care as illness advances.

Chapters Health offers a full continuum of hospice care to support patients in whatever stage of illness they face. Our integrated team coordinates ongoing care that encompasses physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs, continually responding as the illness progresses and a higher level of care is needed.

  • Basic hospice services are provided at the patient’s home and are available around the clock, delivered by our experts in pain management and symptom control. Our comprehensive team of physicians, nurses, social services specialists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, respiratory therapists, durable medical equipment technicians, hospice aides, chaplains and trained volunteers coordinate efforts to treat the entire person, not just the disease. Hospice-related medications, medical equipment and supplies are delivered right to your door.
  • Continuous care is provided when a patient needs more constant care. With a goal to provide symptom management at the patient’s residence rather than transferring him/her to a hospital, we provide short-term, periodic and supplemental support in the home, nursing home or assisted living facility. Continuous care is available in short periods of variable lengths up to 24 hours a day.
  • Respite care helps caregivers deal with the many demands they shoulder during this trying time. Respite care is available for up to five days and is usually provided in the nursing care setting.
  • Inpatient care is provided during a medical crisis, to control or manage symptoms that cannot be managed as effectively at home. The patient may be admitted to a Chapters Health hospice house or contracted hospital or nursing home. Although inpatient care takes place outside the patient’s primary residence, our team continues to coordinate care.

Chapters Health hospice services are based on medical need and are provided regardless of ability to pay, age, race, creed, sex, lifestyle or illness.

Easing the family’s burden.

As the family journeys with their loved one through advancing illness, they too need our support. With in-depth patient care education and training, we provide guidance, along with emotional support to help family members succeed in the caregiver role.

Our social services specialists also lend a helping hand, offering guidance to both the patient and family in dealing with the emotional burdens of an end-of-life illness. Our chaplains provide spiritual care, serving patients of all faiths, respecting individual beliefs, traditions and wishes. And, our certified hospice aides assist with daily tasks such as bathing, light cooking and assistance with household chores.

Because healing can take time, our family support continues after the patient's death, for up to one year following the patient’s death. Through our grief services, we guide families through the grieving process from understanding to acceptance and on through healing.

Round-the-clock assistance.

Our hospice team is always just a phone call away — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HospiceHelp24® offers after-hours telephone assistance to address all types of questions and concerns and schedules after-hours urgent-care visits.

After-hours staff includes physicians/nurse practitioners, nurses, chaplains, social workers, pharmacists and equipment technicians. As HospiceHelp24 is not an answering service, you will always speak with a trained hospice staff member.

You are not alone – we’re here to help. For additional information on hospice services provided by LifePath Hospice, Good Shepherd Hospice or HPH Hospice, please call 1-800-355-8170 in Hillsborough County; 1-800-544-3280 in Polk, Highlands or Hardee County; or 1-866-940-0962 in Pasco, Hernando or Citrus County. 

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Chapters Health hospice services - provided by LifePath Hospice and Good Shepherd Hospice - are fully accredited by the Joint Commission, the preeminent accreditation body for healthcare organizations in the United States.


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