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On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Chapters Health System received the best possible news. The federal judge dismissed the whistleblower lawsuit with prejudice, which means the case is officially closed and the whistleblower, a former LifePath Hospice employee, is forever barred from filing any further complaints on these discredited allegations. 

As we have consistently maintained for the past six years, there was zero merit to the complaint and we have correctly been vindicated. In addition, with this dismissal, all investigations of Chapters Health System on any government level, federal or state, whether civil or criminal, prompted by these baseless allegations, have ended.

When the case was first filed, Chapters Health System decided to strongly fight the false allegations and thankfully justice finally prevailed. Now that we can put the distraction of this lawsuit behind us, our community can and should be reminded of our long-standing service and compassion. Throughout this ordeal, Chapters Health System and our affiliates continued to be cherished by our partners, volunteers and the thousands of patients and families who allow us to come into their lives each day as they pass through the final chapters of their lives.

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