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Thursday evening, August 25, a local news channel regrettably decided to air a second story centered on false accusations made in a civil complaint against Chapters Health System—a legal matter that we believe will soon be dismissed. Although we cooperated and participated in the story, the piece was far more focused on airing unproven allegations and hearsay than on our spokesperson’s clear rebuttals. 

Here are the points that we attempted to convey regarding the civil complaint:

  • The six-year old complaint filed by a disgruntled former employee has been amended over the years four times. We do not believe the allegations have any merit and we are confident it will be dismissed. Both the Federal and State governments have investigated the allegations over the course of six years and both have declined to intervene into the case.
  • The allegation of an open criminal investigation is absolutely false. There simply is no criminal investigation of Chapters Health System and its affiliates. Our attorneys have received assurances of that fact from the government numerous times over the years and as recently as two weeks ago.  Moreover, if such an investigation was in existence, we would definitely know about it.
  • We remain positive and focused on our number one priority: the provision of quality hospice care to our patients.
  • Chapters Health System and its affiliates have a long-standing and robust Compliance Program that enables us to remain in good standing with all regulatory agencies.


We, of course, know that the long record of service and compassion by Chapters Health System and our affiliate members will continue to be cherished by our partners, volunteers and the thousands of patients and families who allow us to come into their lives each day as they pass through the final chapters of their lives.


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