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Most of Life

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Welcome to Most of Life, the Chapters Health System blog. Pour yourself a cold or hot beverage of choice, pull-up a chair and settle in to learn and become better educated on our blog. From hospice to palliative care to home health and more, read the topics that interest you. Whether you are a patient, loved one, friend or caregiver, there’s something here for everyone.

Please visit Most of Life often for updates and news regarding the ever-changing landscape of advanced illness issues and end-of-life care.

DRops of Wisdom

Today we are officially launching Chapters Health System doctors’ blog titled “DRops of Wisdom.” Twice a month we will bring you posts by our physicians about a variety of medical topics, in a sense, their medical drops of wisdom.

Forever Young: Volunteer at Any Age

From needing to fulfill a community service requirement to the desire to help others to wanting to keep active, people arrive at the decision to volunteer for a number of reasons. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes; and there are even four-legged volunteers! Then add to the mix that people can volunteer at any age: teenagers, college students, working professionals and retirees. Let us introduce forever-young Betty Sutton.

Healthcare Policy Change: Making Our Voices Heard

Today marks the end of Virtual Hill Week, which is sponsored every year by the Hospice Action Network. This is a time set aside annually for people across the United States to virtually join the more than 230 advocates—physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, volunteers and lobbyists—who converge on our nation’s capital for the Advocacy Intensive. Supporters made their voices heard in advocating for healthcare policy change on behalf of hospice and palliative care.

Serving the Community Beyond Our Mission

When physicians suggest hospice care to patients and their families, it can be shocking and scary at the same time. At Chapters Health System, hospice care is viewed as an opportunity to take each of our patients by the hand and lead them gently through the end-of-life process. It’s our mission to offer programs and services that meet the needs of our patients and families. But we don’t stop there. It is our overarching objective to exceed expectations and serve the community beyond our mission.

Why He Cares About Sharing Music with Hospice Patients

As time marches on and we age, so do our senses. When we bid adieu to this world, what is the last sense to go? Hearing. Therefore, it is easy to understand how important this sense can be for people at the end of life. And that’s why sharing music with hospice patients can be a valuable resource in their care.

Going Green: Recycle and Repurpose at Life’s Treasures

When you think of the color green, what images come to mind? Do you think of the rolling hills and lush landscape of Ireland? Maybe you picture Kermit the Frog singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green?” Or in this day and age, do you imagine large recycling bins filled to the brim with bottles, cans and plastic containers? And yet, there’s a rare and different picture that can come to mind: It’s going green with a unique spin by recycling and repurposing items from a thrift store.

Discussing Hospice with a Loved One

A time historically reserved for barbecues, pool parties and longed-for vacations, summer is now officially in full swing. Unfortunately, the fun is oftentimes on hold for families who have a loved one facing a life-limiting illness. Yet, festivities don’t need to be paused. Why not? If the affected loved one was open to hospice, the family can still make the most of life. But where does one even begin discussing hospice with a loved one?

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