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Most of Life

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Welcome to Most of Life, the Chapters Health System blog. Pour yourself a cold or hot beverage of choice, pull-up a chair and settle in to learn and become better educated on our blog. From hospice to palliative care to home health and more, read the topics that interest you. Whether you are a patient, loved one, friend or caregiver, there’s something here for everyone.

Please visit Most of Life often for updates and news regarding the ever-changing landscape of advanced illness issues and end-of-life care.

Caught in the Middle: Sandwich Generation Explained (Part I)

Panini bread, romaine lettuce, plum tomato, Swiss cheese, smoked turkey, dab of mayo and Dijon mustard … some delish fixin’s for an awesome sandwich. Depending on your likes, there are many other types of sandwiches people across the globe create daily. But then aside from foodies’ needs and desires, there’s another type of sandwich being concocted. It is a sandwich made when an adult or couple cares for both older parents and children—better known as the Sandwich Generation.

A Modern-day Primer for Skin Cancer Awareness: Do You Know Your ABCDEs?

Does the following ring true about your past habits? Have you ever lathered up with baby oil in preparation for a glorious day spent on Clearwater Beach getting a tan? Or did you buy a five-session package of tanning salon sessions due to your desire to not look pale as a ghost for an upcoming vacation? If these scenarios sound familiar, hopefully by now, you have corrected your habits of old and opted for applying lotion with a high SPF when outdoors, and said no to speedy tanning on ultraviolet (UV) radiation beds. But is that enough to protect you against skin cancer?

Honoring Our Veterans

Being involved with veterans and their loved ones through hospice provides a powerful way to say thank you to the brave men and women who have sacrificed much so that we can be free.

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