“Just because his kidneys were failing, didn’t mean Dad was ready to give up. And neither were we. Thankfully we learned that we had a choice to keep him at home and comfortable with family with a medical specialty we’d never heard of before – palliative care.

Who would have realized that every day was filled with so much more than taking care of his medical needs? Chapters Health provided the medical team to assist with his needs. They were there for Dad to explain his options, control his symptoms and improve his quality of life.

We’re so glad our doctor recommended Chapters Health. Easing Dad’s pain and keeping him content and comfortable at home meant we all had more quality time with him, and he lived longer than the doctors expected. After seeing Dad snuggled up in bed at night with his grandson for story time, we knew those precious moments would stay with us forever.”

–  Angie
Daughter whose father was comforted by Chapters Health Palliative Care.

Easing pain and providing comfort for those with serious illness.

Palliative medicine is a medical specialty, approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties, which focuses on the relief of suffering for persons with advanced illnesses. It’s not the same as hospice, which is for patients who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and have agreed to discontinue curative treatments.

Chapters Health Palliative Care is available to patients with advanced illnesses, regardless of their life expectancies, in combination with any appropriate treatments chosen at the current stage of their illnesses.

While the primary care physician focuses on disease-specific treatments, our specialized team of palliative healthcare professionals addresses pain and symptom management. Together, we ensure a comprehensive, coordinated patient and family centered plan of care, including:

  • Expanded disease education and informed decision making
  • Assistance with advance directives and care planning
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support
  • Coordination of care and community services

Who benefits from palliative care?

Patients and their families benefit from:

  • Effective pain and symptom management
  • Improved quality of life
  • Expanded disease education and informed decision making
  • Assistance with advance care planning
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support
  • Coordination of care and community services

Institutions benefit from:

  • Better patient clinical outcomes
  • Greater patient/family satisfaction
  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Comprehensive care coordination
  • Increased efficiency and lower costs
  • Expanded programs to support attending physicians

Referring Physicians benefit when:

  • Pain and other debilitating symptoms are difficult to control
  • Complex physical, psychosocial or spiritual suffering is present
  • A need to address appropriate goals of care exists
  • Patient and/or family require extensive education/communication
  • Challenging discussions regarding advance directives are necessary

The reduction of pain, the comfort of the patient — Chapters Health Palliative Care is welcome relief for patients with non-terminal diseases. We serve patients in Hillsborough and Polk counties and provide pediatric palliative care in Hillsborough County.

You are not alone – we’re here to help. For additional information on Chapters Health Palliative care services, please call 813-871-8200. Or visit our online Library for helpful information and additional guidance from our Chapters Health experts.

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Palliative Care for relief of suffering for persons with advanced illnesses
Palliative Care in the Tampa Florida area.